Land Title Transactions

Land Title Transactions

The Role of a Notary in your real estate transaction is to give effect to the contract of Purchase and Sale. The Notary does not usually become involved in the Purchase or Sale of a property until such time as the parties have a firm contract. A firm contract is one where the subjects listed in the Contract of Purchase and Sale have been removed. Once a firm contract has been attained, the Notary acts to give the contract effect by preparing mortgage and transfer documents in accordance with the contract.

As a notary, we help with:

  • Buying or Selling a Home, Cottage or Raw Land
  • Amending ownership information (adding or removing a partner due to marriage, divorce or death, updating address information, updating legal name information)
  • Writing Contracts of Purchase and Sale
  • Preparing and Registering Private or Institutional Mortgages
  • Transmitting Land to Trustee and Executors
  • Acting for a Buyer in a Foreclosure

Extra Information:

  1. The steps of a standard real estate transaction
  2. Information required to complete a purchase transaction
  3. Information required to complete a sale transaction
  4. Costs associated with the purchase of a home
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